Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Myra LOVES her brother and fortunately, the feeling is generally mutual. They play well together most of the time and he generally will include her in games. She always wants to do whatever it is that he is doing. So, it is no real surprise that her 4th actual word is "Bubba", which for those lacking a Southern heritage is redneck for brother. That's my girl.


The Mommy said...

The two cutest babies in the whole, wide world!!!!!

The Mommy said...

It amazes me how much Myra looks like a girl!!!
I mean, even if you were to dress her in blue (does she, in fact, own anything that is blue???), her sweet little face is obviously a girl's face.
She's so pretty.

KID, MD said...

Yes, she looks lovely in blue. It's actually my favorite color on her. I have yards and yards of blue fabric (a statement belied by the fact that I am, at this moment, sewing pink shorts). It's hard to find blue girlie clothes in RTW, though.