Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Best 10 bucks ever spent!

It has been SOOO hot here already that I have had a hard time playing outside with the kids. Logan loves being outside, and I'd much rather that he run and play than watch Elmo for the 47th time. So, I decided to get a cheap pool, so that they could play in the water. Logan was all over that! He jumped right in! Myra wasn't so sure about it, but I think that may have been in part because Logan was a bit boisterous.
She preferred to hang out poolside.
Logan splashed and played to his heart's content.
And, of course, drank from the hose. All kids drink from the hose... gross


Mandy said...

I really need to go get one of those too! Looks like they had fun!

The Mommy said...

That's the same sunscreen I bought for your dad and Daniel's trip!!!

The Commissary had it on sale.
I may have to re-package.

The Kedrowitsch's said...

The kids are getting so big! It looks like they are in for a fun filled summer!