Monday, June 15, 2009

TWA: A Perfect Summer Day

This is my assignment for this week at The Dressing Room. This week we are blogging about our idea of the perfect summer day.
What is your idea of a perfect summer day? In my mind a perfect summer day would be warm, but not too hot, around 80 is just about right. I like a little sun, but some cloud cover too, so that it isn't oppressive. Lots of cool breezes and plenty of greenery blowing in them complete the picture for me.
What do you enjoy doing on those days? Absolutely nothing! I like to just hang out outside with my hubby and the kids playing in the yard. An afternoon BBQ would end the day perfectly.
Is this the norm for summer days in your area of the world? No, but it is the norm for the spring, so I take what I can get. Texas summers are hot and dry. No clouds, no green. These pictures are mostly from the spring!


Amanda said...

Yep! The perfect Texas summer days really are in the spring! I love all the pics!

Carey said...

great pics!!!