Thursday, June 4, 2009


While we've lived in Temple for 2 years, and I've even taken Logan to this park several times, we finally made our first visit to the duck pond at Miller Park.
Logan wasn't so sure of it at first. Those geese were pretty aggressive! And loud! I brought some crackers to feed them, which Logan thought was cool. He's all for anything that involves throwing.
This bold gander even ate directly from my hand, but Logan wasn't up to trying that.
He loved watching them swim, and throwing crackers into the water. Splash!
On our way out there was a photo op I couldn't miss.
And while Myra slept through the duckies, she was still up for a post-park Dreamsicle. Yum!

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The Mommy said...

Speaking of aggressive birds: Do you remember trying to feed swans at Schloss Johannesburg? I have a great picture of your dad feeding a huge swan. A better picture (that I missed) would have been right after that one when the swan turned on your dad and chased him several hundred yards into the topiary maze. Hilarious!