Friday, May 29, 2009

Myra update

I can't get over how completely adorable my little princess is, so I am inflicting her on you as well.  She's quite the little mover these days.  She crawls faster than a speeding bullet (although she has yet to catch the cat!), pulls to stand and cruises all over creation.  She also waves good-bye and tickles Logan - sort of.  She loves to laugh, as you can see.
She's making a few strides in the verbal arena as well.  She says Mama and Dada now, in addition to kitty (which sounds more like di-dee, but we know what she means).  Everything else in her world is Deh.  Deh Deh if more than one syllable is required.
She has six wee teeth, which she uses on all sorts of fun foods, as well as whatever she finds on the floor, or anyone's finger that happens to find its way into her mouth.  Those little teeth are sharp - watch out!  She roundly refuses to eat anything that might resemble actual baby food, but loves all manner of grown up food, even including hard veggies and meats.  She loves dairy products, particularly yoghurt and cheese.  She even swiped a sample of Mitch's tzatziki sauce when we were at Alexander the Great in Houston.  She was very annoyed when he realized what she was doing and took it away!
I can't believe how fast the time is going!  It seems like just yesterday I was pregnant with her, and here we are coming upon her first birthday.  Crazy.

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The Mommy said...

Who could possibly doubt how supremely adorable that baby is!!!

Thanks for sharing!