Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day!

I won't tell you all about our Father's Day - I'll leave that to Mitch, but here are a few pics of the kids that went in to Mitch's Father's Day gift.This one was featured on his card.
And this one on a tie I had printed.
The picture tie has become a tradition with us. I started it with Mitch's first Father's Day, thinking it would be just a cheesy thing he would laugh at and put away - never to wear. What a surprise when not only did he wear it, but all the time! And got compliments on it constantly! So, for his second Father's Day, he didn't even hint, just told me that he was really hoping for an updated tie. This year I had already ordered it before he said anything. I also got the kids both dressed in I Love Daddy tee shirts. I bought Myra's, but made Logan's myself. The kids were very cute, as you can see.


Emily said...

the kids looked so stinkin cute in those shirts on sunday

Sarah said...

Love it! A guy in our ward has a 12 year old and he's gotten one every year since his oldest was born. So he's in at least one picture or kid-drawn tie each week. I think it's sweet!