Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Logan has been teaching us lately about the powerful influence of example. He is quite verbal these days, and the influences from all around him are sometimes embarrassingly clear. Some choice phrases from the mouths of babes (or this babe, anyway)
"Daddy, I'm soooo cute!"
"Stupid Cat!"
"Go, man!" (usually said while driving to the vehicle in front of us)
"Shoo!" (accompanied by a kicking movement in the direction of the cat)
"Hello, Princess!" (to Myra)
"Silly Logan!"
"Speed, I am Speed." (from Disney's Cars movie)
"Try again."
"Is that so?"
"Go to your bed right now!"
"Thank you so much!"
"Whatcha got there, Logan?"
"OK, OK, OK!"
and my favorite from today - "Thank you for shopping at Walmart."


Varina said...

Well, that's the most depressing thing I read all day. Really, he can say "thank you for shopping at Wal-Mart".

KID, MD said...

Yep. The clerks there think it's adorable. You can't really blame him. We go there nearly weekly.

The Mommy said...

"We go there nearly weekly."

And THAT is the most depressing thing I've read all week.
although, everything else he says is cute -- especialy, "go to bed right now!" and "Speed. I am Speed."