Friday, June 26, 2009

Hello Yellow 'copter!

Look what we got to see on Wednesday!Mitch met the owners of one of the StatAir air ambulance services one night in the ICU, and told them now much Logan enjoys seeing their chopper landing on the Scott & White helipad. So, they invited us up for a tour!! As you can see, Logan was over the moon.This is Vanessa. She is one of the nurses who takes care of the patients while in flight. Pretty awesome job. She was so nice and showed us the helicopter and let Logan climb all over the place. Thank you, Vanessa!
Myra thought it was OK, but I think she was glad when it was over and she could get out of the heat. It was over 100 degrees that day. Whew!
Logan and Mitch contemplate the 'copter.
Logan in the patient care area. Not very big!
We had so much fun!! Logan was sad to leave.


Sarah said...

How fun!
Transport nurses are like gold!!

Carey said...

wow fun!! my kids would love that too