Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day

It's pretty awesome to be a dad.

I delayed having kids for a long time because I felt that they would destroy the "me me me" lifestyle I enjoyed. Well, I was right, but there's nothing like being a dad. Nothing like having your kids faces light up when you come home. Nothing like "Love you daddy" and a big hug from your little boy. Nothing like "Da Da Da!" from your little girl. It's worth darn near everything to me.

I was looking forward to my traditional father's day tie, and Katie did not disappoint, although I have heard that these ties are becoming more difficult to find. While they are here, though, I love them! I'm planning on wearing one during my Plum/CC interviews, and if folks don't like them, the program is off the list.

We also welcomed my folks from Florida, introduced my dad to his granddaughter, and ate the traditional Deshazer Sunday afternoon Breakfast, which today was bacon, eggs, and biscuts. I ate way too much, which is not surprising with the quality of food, and enjoyed it all.

Lastly a big thank you to my wonderful wife. What would I be without her? Shriveled up inside, methinks. iLy, Katie.