Saturday, November 5, 2011

Snow, and a big day for Logan.

We had our first "real" Utah snowfall last night.
The backyard looked kinda like a Christmas card. We've had a few small snowfalls that didn't stick, so Logan has been asking me on a near daily basis when it was going to snow.
He was pretty stoked.
Myra was excited, too. They sat at the front window and just watched it fall. I suggested that they have some breakfast and get dressed so that we could play in it...
Snow is good to eat.
and it crunches when you walk on it. Can you see how deep it is? The weatherman said we'd only get 3 inches, but it is at least 6.
Duncan didn't know what to think,
but Daddy convinced him to give it a try.
Even the ducks at the Jordan River temple were enjoying the chill.
After we played in the snow a while, it was time for a haircut for Logan. That is a pretty traumatic event for him, so after surviving his haircut, we went to Ikea, and got Logan...
a big boy bed!!! He chose the frame and the bedding. He's so excited to have a new bed that I'm pretty sure he's forgotten all about the haircut, but doesn't he look cute?
It doesn't hurt that the house still looks like this. The kids are fascinated by the snow.