Sunday, June 8, 2008

Quiet Sunday

The house is too quiet to believe, with Mitch sleeping off his call, and Logan napping, so I thought this would be a good time for an update. This week has been pretty busy, starting with a fun visit last week from our friends, the McKernans. Logan and Anna have gotten to be good friends! Here they are (with Laurie) hugging, which is an indignity that Logan only tolerates from very special people!!

We had dinner and the kids had fun playing. Nick has been such a huge help to us with our garden, and we finally got to share some produce with each other! The McKernans brought squash and zucchini, which we roasted in a dutch oven with some fresh dill from our herb garden. We contributed a big mixed green salad from our garden. It is so fun to enjoy something that you worked for, especially when you can share with friends. We also got a chance to chat about food storage, which is something that has been on all of our minds lately.

On Monday, Mitch had his first day in the Cardiovascular ICU. I'll leave the details to him, but suffice it to say, it has it's ups and downs, as all things do. We thought he was supposed to be on call, but we got a stay of execution on that, until Saturday. We also had our first successful FHE since Logan was born. Admittedly, it lasted about 15 minutes and treats were clearly the highlight, but we did manage to get Logan to color a picture of Jesus getting baptised. Baby steps!

Tuesday we had playgroup, which Logan always loves. There were lots of kiddos there and we all had a good time. That night, I had my Presidency meeting, and we went to visit a sister who cares for he ailing father and can't get out much. She was really cool, and despite her commitments at home, runs an Ebay business selling Polish pottery. She showed us some of her inventory, and it was pretty cool!

Wednesday was largely uneventful - just the usual round of errands, chase Logan, feed Logan, clean up after Logan, nap (whew, Mommy gets to catch up!), and dinner for the family. We would have mowed the lawn, but So You Think You Can Dance is a family obsession, so we spent the evening wishing we were more flexible and planning gymnastics classes for Logan. :-) I also baked bread - not an event at all in and of itself, but Thursday I wished I hadn't, as we had an awesome Enrichment about breadmaking. I consider myself a veteran, since I bake all of the bread my family eats, but I learned a TON from Shanna, and got a great recipe for English Muffin Bread, which is a yeast batter bread that is super easy and really does taste and have the texture of English Muffins. YUM!! We all really liked it, so I'll definitely be making it often.

Saturday Mitch had his first CVICU call, and I was busy!! We went to the fabric store for interfacing, and of course, came out with 2 new patterns, as well as two lengths of interlock for Logan. At least I remembered the interfacing... Then we went to Hobby Lobby, and since it is next door, the park. After that we managed to kidnap Mitch for lunch, so at least Logan got to see his Daddy for a bit. We went home, had a nap, and then Hayley and her three boys came over to do some sewing. Hayley and I converted a pair of her maternity shorts into a full belly panel, like the new "Secret Fit" that they are advertising at Motherhood/Mimi/Pea in a Pod. They turned out really well, so that was fun, and then we hemmed her wrap and I taught he the front cross back carry for Zander. Here's the picture!

Zander was all smiles, until he realized that he was missing out on all the playtime that the boys were having. Then he was ready to get down and join the fun!! All in all, we had a pretty good time, and Logan was good and tired by bedtime, which always makes for a pleasant night-night. Then, since I don't sleep well when I am playing single mommy, I hit the sewing room to work on my many wee little pink things. I am having lots of fun sewing up a storm getting ready for Myra. Hey, she may not have a crib yet, but she is going to be one well dressed little princess!!


Eric and Aubrey said...

I need to come over and see all of your little projects! I just finished an outfit for Ashlyn and am rearing to go on something new, but promised Eric I would clean the house and cook a meal first! :) Sounds like you've been having fun!

DNAgallows said...

Girls have made me develop a few new addictions. Watch out...looks like you are on a roll! Where are those pics? Or do we get to wait until they are appropriately modled on Myra?! You are ahead of the game!