Monday, June 30, 2008

My little fishie

Logan had his first swimming lesson today! I was a little apprehensive about how he was going to do, since he's been a huge chicken at the Splash Park this year, but he LOVED it!! In fact, he loved it so much that I didn't get any pics, since I was in the water with him the whole time. The lesson itself was really fun. Moms and babies got in the water together and today we just acclimated the kiddos to the pool. We did some kicking and floating and jumped off the side into Mommy's arms, which was Logan's favorite part. I got a serious upper body workout catching him! After class there was open swim at the pool, so we stuck around. I don't think I could have dragged Logan out of the water if I had wanted to anyway. He had a great time just hanging out in the water, climbing up the ladder and jumping back in (more arm workout for me!). He is tall enough to walk from the shallow end almost halfway up the pool, so we did that for some time. The Cochran boys are also in this session of classes, so we had fun playing in the water with Zander, Mason and Bo. Logan idolizes Bo and wanted to do everything that he was doing, which gave me a little anxiety, but after a few full face dunkings, Logan settled down. I was actually surprised at how well he handled the falls underwater. They scared him a little, but he got right back in. I think they scared me more than they did him, actually. It looks like swim lessons are going to be a big success this year. I hope that Mitch can get a day off and come to at least one. Those boys would have so much fun playing in the water together!!

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