Friday, June 27, 2008

An actual FAMILY update

It seems lately that all of the posts are about what I am doing, so I'm sitting down to compute about what is going on with the rest of the Deshazer clan. There may be some side mentions about me as appropriate though...


Yes, he does have the ability to post here, but he's really busy, and only somewhat interested, which is fine with me. He is T minus 2 real work days of his intern year. Tonight he's on call in the CVICU/MICU, so he's busy. I talked to him at about 7:30 tonight and he was off to "put a line in some guy". The CV surgeon spent the last 50+ hours in the OR, so there were lots of new admits for Mitch to deal with. As an aside, I'm pretty sure that I don't want to be the patient he's cutting on round about hour 50... Apparently he has some PA's and techs who open and close, so he naps during those times. Still. Next month Mitch will be back at the VA, this time as the supervising resident. He's a little nervous, since it's his first month as a second year. I can sympathize! My first month of second year I was the supervisor at LBJ. SCARY!! You spend an entire year as an intern feeling like a complete idiot, and then the sun sets and rises and suddenly you are responsible for making real patient care decisions. He'll be great, though. He really is an amazing doctor, regardless of what he thinks. We're still not sure what he wants to be when he grows up. He's doing some research this year in Oncology, so we'll see how that goes. So far I can only say that it sounds interesting. Also could poise him for an easy transition into industry, should that become attractive in the future. Lots of balls still in the air at this point, so we'll see.


Holy moly, that kid is cute! He's learning so much, so fast that I hardly can keep up with it all! He walks around the house counting to ten, and even identifies numbers in stores, on cars, pretty much wherever we go. We'll be driving down the street and I'll hear a delighted "Six!" from the backseat and know he's spotted a number 6 somewhere. It's really pretty awesome. He's also getting good with colors. So far, he has all of the primary and secondary colors down, although he has a little trouble with orange. He loves to run and play outside, especially when his Daddy is involved, as I'm not much fun these days. He and Mitch are so cute running around the backyard. It's wonderful to see the delight they have for each other. Logan loves his Daddy so much! He is always excited to see him or to go pick him up from work. They are best buddies!

In other Logan news, we are starting to consider thinking about potty training. Actually not my idea at all - entirely Logan's. He loves the big potty, and likes to go into the bathroom, lift the lid and seat, stand in front of the bowl with hands in pee-pee position, then flush. I think the flush has most of the appeal. He also demanded a potty the last time we were at Walmart. So, I got him one, and introduced him to the idea that pee-pee goes in the potty. That's about all I'm willing to commit to. With Myra coming in 9 weeks (or less - please less!), I just don't see the point in pushing an issue like potty training, but I don't want to hold him back, so we'll just go with the flow, as it were. Here is a little clip of his potty introduction. You can see that the big potty has much more appeal!


I am also considering the big boy bed transition. I don't want to overdo the big boy stuff, but two cribs... I don't know. I was all for just getting Myra a new crib at first. Logan's crib converts into a toddler bed anyway. So does the crib we want to get Myra - if the Round Rock Ikea would ever get more in stock! That difficulty got me to thinking about it, though. I mean, Logan is a pretty big boy, and it would be nice if he could get out of bed by himself sometimes. At least, I think it would. It also might help encourage a little more independence in the sleep initiation department. It would be nice not to have to sing/rock him to sleep for a half hour twice a day. It bears thinking about...


We had an appointment on Tuesday with Dr. Fothergill. I am utterly boring as a patient, which I am OK with, except that it turns out I'm anemic with this pregnancy. I wasn't with Logan at all. I'm actually a little relieved by that, as it helps explain how fatigued I've been. I started on some iron, so hopefully that will help. Myra is doing perfectly. She measures just right, has a good strong heartbeat and is already head down and in position. At this point, she's too big for any more serious gymnastics, so it is likely that she'll stay this way. At 31 weeks, she's certainly not ready to come out into the wide world, but she only has a few more things to do before she'd be fine out here on her own. It's nice to be at the countdown point. Now that the number of weeks left is a single digit number, I'm starting to feel like this pregnancy might actually end at some point.

As for getting ready for the wee princess, there are still a few things to do... As mentioned above, the bed situation has still to be ironed out, although we did get her a wardrobe for all the wee clothes that I've been making. We are planning for the kiddos to share a room, but the bigger of the available bedrooms is currently an office. We plan to move Logan out of his room and into this one, but that hasn't exactly happened yet. I want to get it done soon so that it isn't a big deal when Myra gets here and moves in, but the logistics are a challenge. Logan's room won't be hard to move, but the office is a mess. All of the filing I've been avoiding for months as well as all of my sewing stuff, and the rather extensive library all to be packed and moved. Neither Mitch or I are looking forward to it, and so, we've just put it off. We'll grow up some day. As for the wardrobe, there are two new additions as of this last week. Here they are;

I just finished the polka dot one today. I don't know what I was thinking when I cut out that hat! I am proud to say that I did not swear, but there were moments...

We are also still stymied with regards to a middle name for wee Myra. All of the names that we both like are vowel names, which gives her initials that spell a word. I lean toward Elaine, which would at least only spell MED, but those are Mitch's initials, and he doesn't love that. Nothing like staring at a blank birth certificate to get those creative juices flowing...

So, that is what's going on in the Deshazer household. If you are still actually reading this, wow! Sorry for the length, but I guess there was a lot to say...

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