Sunday, June 15, 2008

Our first harvest!

So, this is our first attempt at a garden, and yesterday we had our first real harvest! The weeds got completely out of control, so we pulled up all the carrots and beans so we could just raze the whole thing to the ground. Fortunately, they were all pretty much ready to go, as you can see...
The cantaloupe is doing well, although we haven't had any fully ripen yet, you can see that we're getting close. We have at least a half dozen that are getting big and another crop that are just little nubs. Yum!!
The tomatoes are going great guns - here is the first to get red, but you can see in the picture how full the bush is. We are eagerly anticipating fresh tomatoes!!
Here is my one and only watermelon (so far). It's still a wee little guy (in fact, some of the tomatoes are bigger), but I have high hopes! We are considering doing some hand pollination, but we'll see if we find the time.
Here are the beans after I shelled them. Aren't they pretty?

We also planted some herbs, and we have a lovely crop of fresh cilantro, basil and dill. I made some Yum Nua the other day with the basil and cilantro. It was amazing!! I'm really looking forward to cooking the beans. Don't you think they'll be lovely in a risotto? I'm off to the kitchen!!

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