Sunday, June 15, 2008


So, I've been working hard these last few weeks on tons of sewing projects. The major undertaking has been the matching sport shirts that I made for Father's Day for Mitch and Logan - pics of those are below in the Father's Day post. I think that they turned out really well. Of course, since that was all supposed to be a surprise, I had a few projects on the side that I could show Mitch, so I would have some explanation for why I am spending all this time at my sewing machine. And here they are!!

The first project was an outfit for Myra. It is a pair of little ruffle-butt pants and a little jacket that snaps closed. The pants, of course, were really simple, just basic, elastic waist, nothing fancy, but those ruffles were a bit of a challenge. They turned out really cute, and I learned a few new tricks. The top was a little more fun, as I hadn't done a raglan type sleeve before. It went together pretty easily, up until the snaps... I have a plier-type snap setter (which I now hate!!) and it chewed up the fabric. So, I got creative and sewed bows over the icky parts, and no one is the wiser! Anyway, I had a ton of fun doing it, so next will be a little dress!
But first, I felt a little guilty making all of this stuff for Myra when I have a perfectly adorable little boy who needs clothes, too! The problem is that, much like RTW clothing, there are a serious lack of cute patterns for boys out there!! Still, I've found a couple, and so since summer is the longest season here in TX, I made Logan a couple of tank tops and some shorts. Here he is sporting the first tank that I made (while eating fresh banana bread - Yum!). The fabric is a super cute print of tools that I found in the remnant bin for 50 cents. Not bad!

Here are the shorts; surfer printed for my little surfer boy. They were super simple - took about 20 minutes to put together. I love that!
Here's Logan modeling the whole ensemble. I think that as an outfit, they look a little like PJs, so he'll probably wear them separately, but still, cute, comfy and not bad for less than an hour's work!
My current project is a white coat for Mitch. He can never find one off the rack that both fits and has the proper size and arrangement of pockets, so I figured I'd give it a shot. After making all these baby clothes, the pattern pieces for that knee length coat look enormous!! So far I just have the pockets and straps for all of his paraphernalia sewn on and shoulder seams done, but I suspect I'll have the whole thing finished by Monday. Then he'll finally look presentable at work - at least until he gets covered with blood in the next Code Blue. Sigh.

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Eric and Aubrey said...

SOOOO cute! You have been busy! Good luck with the white coat. I tried to make Eric a pair of scrubs once and swore to never try and sew him a thing ever again. I couldn't put him through the humiliation! I'm anxious to see more end results!