Tuesday, June 24, 2008


This garden thing is freaking awesome! Today we had the most beautiful and yummy dinner, mostly from the garden. We had whole wheat couscous (not from the garden), with fresh tomatoes and basil, both picked today, as well as a perfect vine-ripened cantaloupe. It was amazingly good!! My kitchen is still redolent with the odors of sun-warmed tomatoes and fresh cut basil. Mmmmm. I feel very European for some reason...
Here is the spread.
And a close up of the couscous. The basil is a Thai variety that turns a pretty purple color when warmed or cooked.

This was our first cantaloupe to ripen, and it was so good, we can't wait for the rest!!!

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The Walkers said...

katie be a good friend and invite me over one of this days. We can have a girls lunch. And try those wonderful cantaloupe that your garden is providing you. YUMMY!