Thursday, June 19, 2008

Enormous, indeed...

Well, so the white coat did indeed get finished on Monday, and was all one could wish for - big pockets with straps to hold all of Mitch's stuff, nice and long, boring buttons instead of girlie frogs. Unfortunately, I should have listened to my gut when I thought those pattern pieces looked too big. I had just made Mitch a shirt, after all. Anyway, the coat is about 2 sizes too large, and worst in the shoulders, so cutting it down would probably be more work than just making a new one. Which I may yet get around to, but right now - back to the pink! Purple, actually, as I just finished a wee dress for Myra in a cute purple print. I still have to make the diaper cover and maybe a hair bow, and I'll post some pics.

Maybe some day I'll make something for myself... A novel concept!

In other (enormous) news, I am REALLY tired of being pregnant, which is too bad, since we are only just 30 weeks. I don't feel like I'm that large, but it seems so much harder to get around and do things than it did when I was pregnant with Logan. Maybe that has something to do with the toddler I chase around all day - he tires me out at the best of times - but I just seem so much more tired this pregnancy than I did with Logan. I worked full time right up to the day he was born with no trouble, but I can't imagine doing that this time! I really shouldn't complain, since we are both doing fine and haven't had any complications. That is the important thing, after all. Still, being tired all the time sure takes some of the bloom off of life.


Emily said...

You are so creative and talented. By the way you don't look 30 weeks at all! You're so tiny and cute

Bertie said...

I'm so impressed with all your sewing skills! That is awesome! I keep telling myself- someday I'll learn to sew:)

I hear you on the pregnancy after your first! You don't get to just sit back and enjoy it- because as soon as you sit- another little one decides to come and jump on your belly and remind you that you are pregnant, or kicks you in the stomach when you go to pick them up! I'm glad everything is healthy too:) 30 weeks already- WOW!