Monday, June 23, 2008

Birthday Fun

So, my birthday is officially today, but Monday is an inconvenient time for a party, so we celebrated on Saturday. We threw a little cookout with my family and a few friends. I admit, I couldn't decide who to invite, so I left that part to Mitch. Here we are all sitting around waiting for me to cut the cake. Glenn, Claudia, Nicky and Ian are in the back, and you can see my brother, Dan and my sister, Varina on the right. My mom is on the left, and I think those are Nick's legs next to her. You can see most of Lily right next to Rina.
The highlight of the party was the cute serenade I got from the girls! Anna and Nicky sang happy birthday to me. They were so cute - I had to share!

Here are Nicky and Anna "playing" in the sprinkler. I thought Logan was the only chicken, but in fact NONE of the kids except Lily actually got into the water, despite the fact that it was nice and slow, and not even as tall as they are. They were so funny, all circling around the sprinkler, wanting to get in, but too afraid to do so!

Here is a picture of them all running around the sprinkler, and NOT getting in!
And some video...

After all the fun, I opened gifts from the family. Logan helped. Here he is with a tissue paper hat. And video of him helping me open my gift from Mitch, a snoogle maternity body pillow, with which I have had two blissful nights of sleep, unimpeded by my burgeoning belly. Pregnant ladies take note - You want one of these!!!!!

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The Walkers said...

I didn't know you had a blog. Great! I have one too. We had fun at your party. The kids loved it. And the best part of all THEY DIDN'T FIGHT TO GO TO SLEEP! You and your family are wonderful.