Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day

Happy second Father's Day, Mitch!! We had lots of fun this morning. Logan decided he wanted an early start on Father's Day, and woke his Daddy at 6:30. All was forgiven after morning snuggles and breakfast, when we had presents!! Logan and I got Daddy a new shirt (which I made for him) a tie, and a new journal. Here he is opening the shirt and tie.

And a close-up of the tie. We had it printed with a picture of Logan wearing Mitch's pager, and looking very smug. It will probably get worn mostly to the hospital, but everyone at church today got a kick out of it.
Here is Logan, opening his present. I made a shirt for Logan to match Daddy's. It is the same style, made from the same fabric and even has matching buttons. Logan was very excited to have a Daddy shirt to wear!
Here are the boys together on the steps at church, sporting their matching shirts. Aren't they cute??And here they are on the way to nursery. Anna came along. She and Logan are pretty much inseparable, which has made nursery a lot easier for us, as well as for Nick and Laurie. Once they're together, they are happy to go to nursery and no more tears!!
All in all, a successful day!

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