Friday, April 23, 2010

ROTD with associated thoughts

Lest you think me inhuman, dear reader, I refer you to the course of today, which took me 1 hr 18 minutes (Click for larger view):

That's right, 2.5 miles in 78 minutes. Not only did I walk today, but 'twas a slow walk.

For "inhuman" I refer you to the blog of one Anton Krupicka, who ran 189 miles (with 36,800 feet of climbing) last week in preparation for an assortment of ultramarathons he intends to win.

Green Peak, as seen from Bear Peak, Boulder, Colorado (from Krupicka's blog). If I lived in a place like this, perhaps I'd drop 180 miles a week on the mountains as well.

So upon reflection on yesterday's post, I asked myself: "Self, why are you really running? Are you trying to win a race, or finish it?"

The response: just finish; perhaps later (like 5-10 years later) I'd like to compete in age-group races.

Thus the ChiRunning book mentioned yesterday comes out the clear winner. The focus on efficiency is clearly more practial as I am trying to train for a marathon.

So, I returned to said book, and read through again. Somehow, the previous 3 times I have read it, I missed lesson 1, part 1:

"Point everything the direction you want to go."

In this he means to point your knees and feet in the same direction, like the hands on a clock at noon:

My right foot and right knee, however, are set to about 12:55, and have been for as long as I can remember. This extends to my hips as well, they are turned about 15-20 degrees to the right (left hip forwards). So yesterday I determined that I would work hard to correct this.

Problem is, a habit of 20+ years is unlikely to be undone in an afternoon, or morning. I was unable to run while focusing on it. So I walked.

Didn't help that I have a bruise on my left foot, and my right knee is very unhappy with the new state of affairs. Plus the kids still have not grasped the concept of "sleeping through the night" and have offered ample proof of this over the last few days. Wiped out, I am.

HOWEVER, I have until October to get my form and fitness in shape. No worries.

Happy walking!

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eChiFitness said...

Keys to helping legs/knees/feet straight forward to reduce stress/rotation:
- Loosen Piriformis and Psoas muscles
- A Level Pelvis (

Gradual Progress is a great approach; not going to undo years in a day or days.

ChiRunning Intro Video: