Thursday, April 29, 2010

ROTD 4/29/2010--exploration, nice places

Dear reader, today continues the search for the perfect run. Long, some hills, few cars, nice views. I think it's coming together. The neighboorhood just north of Midway is surprisingly nice: large, older homes, great trees, immaculate yards.

I am proposing the following run for tomorrow. It's only 2.8 miles longer than my current runs, so it shouldn't be too much of a bump. That will be my long run for the week; Saturday we are taking the kids to the airshow, and I don't want to be blasted for that.

I'll have to take something more than the amount of water I currently carry; one bottle will be insufficient. I also have no time goals--I don't want a focus on time to distract me from pain-free running. Yesterday my plantar fascia acted up. Today (knock on wood) I haven't had much, if any, problems.
There were only a few parts in today's 9.2 miles where I felt that my form came apart. I am still in the stage where it's ok to stop and take a breather and reset--not the win-at-all-costs go-go-go mentality that dominated my triathlon years. I like my current mindset better.
Happy Running!


randivon said...

What cute kids! Thanks for going to the zoo with us... it was a lot of fun for me and the girls!

randivon said...

I love that road behind Lion's Park... all the trees shading the road are so quaint (cause I am sure that is why you run that way... quaintness). Anywho, I enjoy reading your routes of running... not because I will run them but because it inspires me to get in the car and explore temple more. :-) But way to go with the running!