Friday, April 30, 2010

ROTD 4/30/2010--long and tough

Today, dear reader, is a mystery to me. The Bermuda triangle of running. I ran the route below, which is just 2.8 miles longer than my previous long run. Those took 1:30 or so, this took nearly 3 hours. Obviously I was going slower, but it did not feel much slower. Strange. And really tough.
I can feel it now in my feet and legs. Seems I lost the focus on impact just behind my center of gravity. I actually lost focus on nearly everything, just trying to fit in a 3 hour run. Don't know why it was so hard. I did finish, however.

I think tomorrow will be a nice, easy, short jog. Say, 6 miles or so. Need the recovery.

Projected weekly summary:
Monday: 8.9 miles
Tuesday: 9.8 miles
Wednesday: 7.9 miles of hill repeats
Thursday:9.2 miles
Friday: 12.8
Saturday (projected): 6

Total: 54.6 miles this week. This promises to be the only week I can put in these kinds of miles, as Medicine Wards start next week, and I start on call. It will be ugly.

Happy Running!

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