Monday, April 26, 2010

ROTD 4/26/2010--Return to Exploration

One of the niftiest things about running, dear reader, is the chance to explore. I don't live in an area much amenable to true exploration, as I suspect every nook and cranny of Temple, Tx is well known. However, it's fun to try out new routes. (click to enlarge, full details here). This run took almost exactly 90 minutes.

Admittedly, it's not running the Salt Lake Basin. One of the reasons I applied there for fellowship is because the mountains are my "cantante" (singers, for all of you who have not applied yourself to the Twilight saga). Please compare the pic of the Lake Mary trail in the Wasatch Mountains below to the route above (photo by Todd Keith) and it becomes immediately clear why I would prefer to run someplace else:


But beggars and choosers, and whatnot. I am looking for a good long run, with decent shoulders and a nice, flatish surface (alternatively, traffic low enough that I can run in the middle of the road). Miles 1-5 of the above route were great, but Midway Road (miles 5-7 above) would not represent what I am looking for. There are too many spots where the sides are either too tilted, or covered in brush and I have to run in a car lane (with heavy traffic).

That said, I did manage to run today with minimal effort. Seems that the time I spent with Heggie's book did wonders for how well I can perceive what I am doing. I have gone a long way to fixing my right leg's alignment problems. Today's 9 miles felt relatively good, and I clearly could have gone another 4 or 5 miles without problems.

Happy running!

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