Thursday, April 22, 2010

ROTD 4/22/2010--hung-over sloth/glomeruli

Today I clearly felt the effects of the fast runs from yesterday. Pace today felt like hung-over sloth pace. However, I did manage to put in a few miles, most of which are captured below (click on picture for higher resolution view):

Between mile 3 and 4, I detoured by the Lyons water park, where there is a trail I though belonged to a golf course. Not so--but a winding trail reminiscent of a kidney's glomerulus. I estimate that adds about 1 mile to the course, but it's not visible on the satellite photos so I can't be sure. Probably about 9 miles overall.

Full details available here.

Today I focused on how my feet hit the pavement, mostly because on the awful section on 93rd where the street is so tilted it makes the feet hurt. I think I made some progress in terms of how that happens. I also tried to lean a bit more, but that fell apart rather quickly.

I have also attempted to discern between two very different types of running techniques, what advantage each might hold, and if they can be melded to provide the advantages of both. Seems so far that the knees-first, ChiRunning method has advantages in terms of efficiency--I used it almost exclusively today, as I felt rotten. Heggie's Feldenkrais method seems to have the advantage in terms of pure speed--but a high price to pay in terms of effort.

efficiency versus speedy

Seems I need to stretch both envelopes: speed for ChiRunning, and effort for Feldenkrais' method.

Happy running!

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