Saturday, May 1, 2010

Nap of the Day, 5/1/2010

Didn't run today, dear reader. Didn't even walk. The reason, however, is not what you suspect.

Last night Logan had attacks of what sounded for all the world like whooping cough. It wasn't--it was just snot running into the back of his throat, and making him miserable. Prevention entails him sleeping essentially upright, which requires one of us to hold him. So I did.

Problem is, I can't sleep while holding him in that position. During the night, I got perhaps 3 hours of sleep, until my wonderful wife came at 4:30 (?) and let me sleep until 8.

Typically I don't need much sleep, but that's a bit excessive. Way excessive, after a 3 hour run.

On a separate topic, I am completely blasted still from that run. No reason it should have taken that long. And my lower legs are really hurting, telling me that I lost the form I had two days ago that helped me.

In addition, I am again cursing the running shoe gods. I currently run in this:
Mizuno Wave Ronin

which is essentially a racing flat. I have been looking for a good flat shoe (ie, forefoot to heel height difference of zero) but such does not exist. Problem being, I have very wide feet, and now I think I have a bone bruise on my left foot as this shoe is too narrow on that foot, too roomy on the right. Annoying.

I may have to go to REI or something similar and just buy a really ugly, really wide shoe. I always say fit comes first, but occasionally I'll push the point for looks. Now I am nursing some very sore legs and swear on a stack of Bibles that I'll never do that again.

Happy (although slightly grumpy) running!

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Sarahbelle said...

Dear Mr Grumpy (your words, not mine):
Would you be good enough to post a bit regarding shoes?? you certainly have some experience in this area. I also have VERY wide feet. I need a shoe that is more for walking, than running. The only real impact being the combined force of my considerable weight and gravity. Ought we go to REI together, and see what they can do for us?
The REI in Downtown Seattle has a climbing wall whose height exceeds the passing monorail. The wall is in the front window of the store. Let's go there!