Friday, May 29, 2009


The potty training stall, which I have decided will wait another month, as June is pretty crazy for us and I want a calm, unpressured environment, encouraged me to do some pretty deep cleaning, mostly because Logan had peed on pretty much every surface in the house. The couches, fortunately, are slipcovered. So cleanup should be easier, which it was. I had actually not taken off the slipcovers since I put them on years ago. They are easy to spot clean. The Logan pee required a serious cleaning! Since the slipcovers are machine washable I took them off, and was reminded why I bought them in the first place. Nice, huh? I admit, they really aren't that bad. The big pieces of foam were added by me to help the slipcovers fit, but they are ugly and I really hate them. They came with Mitch and he got them secondhand, so I have absolutely no idea how old they are, but based on the style and fabric I would guess 80s-ish. It got me to thinking about a surprising lot of things. The first was how I couldn't wait for a real paycheck so we could get some decent furniture, but you know, these couches have served us well, and slipcovered, they aren't even that ugly.
See? After I got over myself, I realized that I've really been given a lot of blessings and that I really need to be more grateful for what I have. Even if it looks better under a slipcover.
Now about those throw pillows...

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dana said...

What a cool idea! I love the added foam cushions. Brilliant!