Sunday, May 10, 2009

Traditionally, Dallas sucks

Tradition holds that most folks from Houston hate Dallas, and the feeling is mutual.

Myself, I was struck by a strong sense of deja vu driving near Downtown Dallas. Nothing makes sense in either of the two downtown areas.

One difference was the degree of schizophrenia. By this I mean: in Houston, it's easy to find a nice neighborhood right next to a ghetto one, with little transition. In Dallas, it's taken to a new degree: I was able to find the rich:poor dichotomy on a block by block, or even house by house scale. It's not quite so crazy in Houston.

We went looking for diapers on the upper east side of Dallas. Wow. I'd forgotten just what it was like to be the only white dude driving through the black ghetto. I spotted 3 drug dealers, 2 prostitutes, and a host of homeless folks, often sitting at the doorstep of $500,000 homes.

I'm happy to continue the Houston-hates-Dallas stereotype. One less program on my application list.

For all that, the farmer's market was pretty cool and Logan had a blast.

And now with the heat coming, I'm beginning to envy Varina and her escape to parts north.

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Claudia and Glenn Walker said...

I hear ya bro! haha. When Glenn and I went to see where we were going to live. I was trying to be positive but Glenn on the other hand felt like he wanted to throw up haha. You are right I'm not so in love of Dallas but the suburbs are okay. Plano and Arlington are great (at least what I saw was great) So dear grouch you are totally right Dallas SUCK!(except for the Temple of course that area looks nice too mmm I'll take that back. The temple and the houses around are very nice But the streets... goodness! I come from Monterrey Mx. and we do have better concrete streets :s. However if you ever want to go to the Temple in Dallas and need babysitter close to it come and visit. We love Logan and Myra. (by the was we are moving to Arligton so no getto around)