Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Big D

Yesterday we drove to Dallas to see my sister off at the airport. I've never been to Dallas before, and Mitch has only ever been to the Temple there, so it was a sort of adventure. We also wanted a chance to hang out with Rina before she left for Seattle. Who knows when we'll get to go see her up there? Although I hope it's soon!
We started out at the Farmer's Market, where there was room to run, so Logan had a blast. The produce there was amazing, and there were lots of interesting people to see and hear. Then the girls (Mom, Rina, Myra and I) peeled off to go see Neiman Marcus #1. Daddy's GPS said that it was less than a mile away, so we walked. What the GPS was apparently unaware of was that while downtown Dallas is in the process of regentrification, the homeless and panhandlers have not gotten the memo. Scary walk!!! Anyway, Neiman's was lovely and we introduced Myra to our friends Manolo, Christian and Stuart.
After that we stopped in at Whole Foods, and then headed home. I will say one thing for our small town. Traffic in Dallas SUCKED! And the streets made no sense at all. What is with the six-way intersections?  Who designed those highways, and what the heck is about this exit?!?
The kids had a nice quiet ride home.

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