Sunday, March 15, 2009

Teeth - and other interesting developments

Myra has teeth! The two on the bottom popped out on the same day, and she has a wee nub on top that you can feel, but not see. This hasn't really changed her eating habits, and after a day or so of biting Mommy, we have stopped that (Thank goodness!!). Here is an extreme close-up of the two wee teeth. Cute!

She also is desperately yearning to crawl. She has been getting into position and doing "the wiggle" for a few days. She can scoot and roll, but is having some difficulty going in the forward direction. So frustrating! She'll get that cat yet!Logan has decided that the time has come to learn to write. I promise, I had nothing to do with this. This is his first attempt at the number ten. You get that, right?Also, I have been a sewing fiend for the last few weeks. In addition to the Easter clothes for Myra, myself and Logan, I have also made a new set of Monkey jammies for Logan,and a complete outfit for Myra.I am pretty proud of this outfit, as I did it without the aid of commercial patterns. I did use tutorials from the web, though. I'm not up to drafting my own patterns just yet. The top is a kimono style. The pattern can be found here. It took about 45 minutes to sew, once I had drafted the pattern. Not bad!! It is super simple, but very cute! The pants tutorial can be found here. For this one, I modified a pattern that I already had. They also were quick to sew up, may be an hour and a half or so. It took a little while to draft the original patterns, perhaps because I kept messing them up, but now that I have them, Myra may be sporting this look more often!!

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Oi Polly Cervantes said...

I saw Myra with this cute outfit on fb and I was about to ask about that... I love the kimono style! So so cute! And I absolutely love the fabric pattern and colors! Yeah it takes you 45 mins means will take me probably 5 hours... haa...