Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Day in the Life

I did this my my online forum, and thought it would be fun to post here, too
Good Morning!
I get up a little early, so that I can have a little quiet time before the LOs get up.I do some scripture reading over breakfast (Daniel 4 today)Check in at MOMSAnd get some sewing done.Time for the day to really begin!Logan likes to make his own scrambled eggs.Then it's time for errands.Gas station - Groceries - I love my HEB!Myra is snug in her sling.Logan likes HEB because he gets a balloon.Home!Need to bake some bread -Logan helps.While it's rising, paint the toenailsAnd do some laundry.Bread's done! Yum!Time for some outdoor fun before naptime. This is the backyard.Then it's naptime - no pics, I was sleeping, too!
After nap, a quick trip to the fabric storeThen the park.All that action tired Myra out!But we still had just enough energy for some more fun in the backyard!It was a good day. Good night, mamas!


Varina said...

Did you really put on makeup to go to the park with your toddler and infant?

KID, MD said...

I put makeup on to leave the bedroom. Who are you talking to here?

Claudia and Glenn Walker said...

I love your story! Katie you have always amazed me. You are so smart and have so much energy. I love that of you. I'm going to miss you so much. Hey maybe since you have so much energy you would like to come and visit some day:). If not can I come and visit? Ian keeps asking for Logan so you have to tell me when you go to the park even if is afternoon so we can meet us there had a chit chat and let the kids play:)

Bertie said...

Whooo! What a day! You go girl!!

ps- you are my inspiration for sewing clothes someday- you are awesome!!

Sarah said...

That made me tired. =)

Sadie said...

You might want to remove that link, i don't think it linked to the site you meant it too. Just letting you know