Friday, March 6, 2009


Myra has contracted the dread disease - viral bronchiolitis. Sounds terrible, doesn't it? It can be, but she's doing OK. It is VERY strange being on the mommy end this time. I can't even tell you how many kids I've taken care of in the hospital with bronchiolitis. It is ridiculously common. Management is pretty strait forward, too. Until it is your own kid... She started coughing on Wednesday, and I thought, "Eh, she's had a runny nose. I'm sure it's just a post-nasal cough. She'll be fine. " And she was! Until yesterday afternoon when she started to wheeze and the realization struck, "Oh, no, she has bronchiolitis. I need to go to the doctor!" I hate ERs (although I like ER doctors), so I managed to get the last available clinic appointment. Now, I know what she has. I know what to do about it. I just don't have the equipment. It is very strange being Dr. Mom sometimes. Dr. Williams, who we saw in the Pedi clinic yesterday, was great. He gave me my albuterol, just the way I like it. Myra got a neb in the clinic and I got a prescription for an HFA with face mask and spacer. Just what I wanted. Oh, and some cough syrup, which I may use if she has trouble sleeping, but so far, so good. She's sleeping fine.So, here is where the story begins to make me grumpy. After we left the clinic, we hit the pharmacy for her meds. She was still pretty wheezy and I wasn't going home without my albuterol. For some reason, it takes over an hour to get her three things!!! What was that about!!!? Not to mention I had to tell three different pharmacy techs that no, I did not need counsel from the freaking pharmacist, I am a pediatrician and I've given this to more babies than I can count, probably more than the freaking pharmacist has!!!!! Add to my frustration the fact that our crappy insurance doesn't cover the 45 dollar spacer/mask combo. The literature on this subject is ridiculously clear. Inhalers are not effective, especially in babies, without the spacer. But my insurance doesn't cover it. WHAT?!?! So, 120 dollars later (including my copay at the clinic). We are home with this - Myra is doing much better though, so I am very glad that we have it. Just grumpy that our insurance company is so short sighted. What if I hadn't been able to buy the spacer? Myra would have gotten worse, and ended up hospitalized. That can't be cheaper than a 45 dollar plastic tube.
Anyway, after q3 hour treatments and a priesthood blessing last night, she's doing much better, although we aren't completely out of the woods.
Does this look like a sick baby to you?


The Kedrowitsch's said...

I am glad she is feeling better.

The Mommy said...

This looks like a chronically happy baby, to me -- one that has no idea that she is supposed to be sick.
Truly, ignorance is bliss.