Saturday, March 21, 2009

One busy week!

It has been a busy week here at the Deshazer house! We've had lots of fun, though. Here are Myra and Logan, enjoying some downtime together. I love that she is old enough to actually play WITH her brother now. She doesn't entertain him for long, but it is so sweet while it lasts. On Monday, we had fun with our friends Nicky and Ian while Claudia (AKA Mom) had a doctor's appointment. I was making some bread, and the kids were a big help!
On Tuesday we had tons of fun at playgroup (Sorry, no pictures). Since it is Spring Break, there were lots of big kids there for Logan to idolize. As a bonus, I got to chat with their Moms, which was super fun for me. Thanks for hanging out with me, ladies!!
Wednesday, Nicky and Ian came over to play and Claudia came, too. We had a great time. Little did either of us know that little Hanna was making the move! The Walker's played with us until noon or so, and Claudia's water broke just 2 hours later! Wow! We can't wait to meet the little princess.
Thursday was Match day. We had so many friends matching, I found myself getting sympathy nerves! Fortunately, everyone matched well. A&M has a cool tradition of hosting a cruise on the Lake for the graduating class, so we hosted the Chapman kids here at home so that Eric and Aubrey could enjoy the fun. We had a great time!
Carter learned to play the guitar.
And Ashlyn got to know the kitty. Godiva wasn't too excited about the prospect, but an uneasy truce was declared.
There was MUCH outdoor fun. Limbo on the slide, swinging, soccer, you name it! The boys also took turns pushing each other in Logan's red wagon.
Then we all settled down for some Sword in the Stone, baths and bedtime. They all crashed out pretty easily, since they did a good job tiring each other out outside. It was so fun! Logan has been asking when Ashlyn, Carter and Isaac can come to play again. Hopefully soon!
Myra has been having some fun of her own with food. She absolutely refuses to eat anything that resembles typical pureed baby food. And, at 7 months, she is determined to feed herself. Well, I guess we'll just go with the flow!
Here she is chowing down on some little cheese cubes. She's loving life!

I've been busy trying out new things in the sewing room. My mother has always said that Burda is one of her favorite pattern companies. They are German, and never go on sale, so, since I'm cheap and American, I hadn't tried them before. European patterns don't typically include seam allowances, so that you can choose your own. I learned to sew with included SA's, co this made me a little nervous. Still, I was ready for the challenge. And I found a Burda pattern for free that I really love. So, here we go. It took me FOREVER to cut out the fabric, since I had to mark seam allowances for every pattern piece. I need to find a tool to do that. Way annoying!! That said, once it was all cut out, it went together really well. The instructions were great - thorough and easy to follow. I choose to do the tunic in a tissue knit, which made it challenging in some ways, but I love sewing knits, so I could take it. The pattern called for a zipper in the back, which I thought would be a really bad idea on a fabric this light and stretchy, so I put in snaps instead. Minor alteration.
Anyway, here is the finished product - hanging on my dress form.
And hanging on myself! It is really comfy. I absolutely adore the cute little half-puffed sleeves. The fabric is fabulous. There are a few things that I will change the next go round. The yoke needs to come in a bit at the shoulders, as it is too wide to cover the underthings, and I might switch the closure to the front, for easier nursing of the baby.


The Mommy said...

The tunic is fabulous!!!
Where did you get that fabric? (please don't say 'Hancock's')
I agree: a zipper would have been a bad idea, I'm wondering if you need an opening at all . . .
You must be so proud!

Also: tiny cheese cubes are so cute!!! You know, there is a reason we call her "Myra Moo"

KID, MD said...

The fabric actually came from the clearance rack at Hobby Lobby. It was 2 bucks a yard - what a find!! It really doesn't need an opening since the neck is so wide. The entire yoke is faced though, so no stretch at all there, and the pattern is actually intended for wovens, but I love it in knit. I am proud - My first Burda.

Varina said...

Just think, in only a year or two they'll be big enough not only to play together to have enormous fights with each other.

If you want me to pick you up a copy of French Burda before I leave speak now. I had to get the German one for mom from Basel, but my local coop keeps French burda. Anyway, the tunic is cute.

Oh, and I thought you might find this interesting: