Saturday, November 29, 2008


Happy Thanksgiving! We had a fun time here at the Deshazer house. My parents came down from Carthage and my brother up from Austin, so we had some of the family here. Except for dessert (which was mostly supplied by some nice little church ladies in Carthage), we did the cooking here as well. Mom and I divvied up the sides and Daddy cooked the meat (and sweet potatoes) outside in the Dutch ovens. Yum!! Here they are getting the coals ready. Logan is a big help.So is Myra. She fell asleep in the swing while I was mashing potatoes and slept all the way through the bread. Sweet! She wasn't any trouble though. If she wasn't asleep, she was happily cradled in Pappy's lap.Or playing with Daddy. Here is what Dan did most of the morning... He's more helpful when it comes time to eat.Logan - helping with the Mac n' Cheese. And perhaps trying to snitch a marshmallow. Oh, Dan took his nose out of his book for a while to play with Logan. He made the balls "disappear" into his lap. Logan thought it was to coolest!
But, when all is said and done, it's really all about the food. Here is our spread. There is turkey, ham, candied sweet potatoes, sage-sausage stuffing, mashed 'taters with gravy, potato bread, mac n' cheese and, of course, cranberry sauce (with lines). It was all super yummy, and we all ate way too much.
Several hours later, a few stalwart souls tried for dessert. There were pies (pumpkin, chess and Kentucky derby), turtle cheesecake, mud splats and rice krispie treats. I didn't manage to try anything until the next morning, I was so stuffed with all the yummy food.
Then there is the football... Mitch is teaching Myra at a young age about the importance of the Dallas Cowboys win over Seattle.

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