Monday, November 17, 2008


I didn't think it was ever actually going to happen, but James really did get married this weekend! Logan, Myra and I were able to go, although Mitch was having fun on call in the MICU so he couldn't join us. The wedding was lovely. Here is the happy couple. (Mom is chasing Logan in the background - but at least he was quiet.)And here is the family and friends that were there to celebrate with James and Lindsay.

We had lots of fun afterward at a place called Clay's, which was a cool restaurant down the street from the courthouse. There was a giant playground full of kids, sandboxes and even horses and chickens. Although Logan had to be rescued from the horse paddock twice, he had so much fun!!! He had a great time all weekend with his uncles and Oma and Pappy. Myra was another story. Apparently she is not a fan of travelling. The drive to Houston wasn't too bad. We only had to stop once and she mostly slept. Logan played with his computer, read books and pointed out the sights for Mom. Pretty fun. In Houston, Myra was completely wild and wouldn't let anyone but me hold her. I think she was just overloaded with all of the strangeness and Mom is familiar. It did make for a challenging evening, however. The ride home was awful. She did sleep for the first hour, but then woke and no amount of cuddling, nursing, talking or singing could settle her down. Logan even tried singing to her, but no dice. To make it even better, Logan was starting to get tired and grumpy. Boy, was I glad to see our driveway at the end of that!!! Myra was still a little out of sorts last night and wouldn't even let Mitch hold her for long but she's been more like her usual happy self today.

Despite the minor inconveniences, I'm glad that I was able to go and celebrate with them. Welcome to the family, Lindsay!!

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