Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Answers the "Logan or Myra" post. I have restored the pictures to their original colors and context, so they're a bit easier to recognize.

1. Logan - This was taken in my office at UT when I was Chief Resident. I took Logan to work with me that day and Mitch had come by for a visit. Logan was 2 months old.2. Myra - Donna took this one when everyone was here for the blessing. Myra was 3 weeks old.3. Logan - This one is his first Christmas morning. He was very excited, as you can see. He was almost 4 months old.
4. Myra - The pink Boppy is a clue... She's 3 weeks.
5. Myra - Her first bath. Logan looks on. She was 3 weeks old.
6. Logan - This was taken when Donna came down for Logan's blessing. He was a few days old.
7. Myra - This was taken around the time of her blessing at 3 weeks old.8. Myra - Taken at the same time as the above
9. Logan - This is his first bath. I cropped to eliminate the most obvious clue...
10. Logan - Heather took this picture when he was just a few weeks old.
I hope everyone had fun guessing!

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Bertie said...

WOW! - I think I was wrong more then I was right-- they do look a LOT alike:)