Thursday, November 20, 2008


As many of you know, I am a pediatrician. This makes me do all sorts of crazy things to my children that normal people wouldn't even contemplate. One in particular is that I keep track of their development with a fanaticism that borders on the insane. There is a tool used to monitor development called the Denver Developmental Screen, which I, naturally, have filled out for both of my kiddos. I know, I'm a freak - whatever. Here is the composite Denver for Logan and Myra. As you can see (maybe) they are both normal, even a bit advanced, although the Denver isn't intended or normalized to assess that. I'll need a new assessment tool when I decide they are gifted...Of course, progressing through milestones also means lots of pictures!! Here is Myra's progress this week...

Holding up her head

Working for a toy, reaching, and crossing midline (woo-hoo, 3 in 1)

And of course, that freaking adorable social smile!

Logan, not to be outdone, is also making strides.

Here he is cutting with scissors.

He is also standing on one foot and making amazing verbal progress (sometimes I am more excited about this than others...). He knows his ABCs and can count from 0 to 50, with a little help, and backwards from 20. He loves to sing and is even beginning to understand pitch and sing on key (Thank you, Music Makers!).

Whew! All this development tires us out!!


Oma Sarah said...

Everyone in the Panola County Extension Office, including a couple of 4-H parents, agree that those are the two most adorable babies on earth!!!!

Bertie said...

Well- of COURSE they are gifted-- look at their parents:)

Cute pictures! The tuckered out one is the best:)