Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween fun!

I LOVE Halloween! It is such a fun holiday. You get to dress up and pretend to be anyone you want, then eat tons of candy! I doesn't get any better than that. Usually, I pull out all the stops for Halloween, but between brand new baby and Mitch's crazy schedule, this year sort of snuck up on me, so we recycled last year's Renaissance Festival costumes. Thank goodness Logan's still fit! Here he is, checking himself out in the mirror.It was also completely awesome that Mitch managed to get the day off. We had a full family fun day planned! We started the festivities off with a Halloween Music Makers. Aren't the kiddos all adorable?! There were several princesses and a bunch of doctors (unsurprisingly), as well as a smattering of ninjas, cowboys and the cutest, I thought, was Olivia, who is the sweet little green fairy in the front.
I was also way impressed by Aubrey's Ninja Turtle costumes. She made one for each of her three kids and one for her hubby. They were so awesome!! The shells all had different patterns, even. They were super cool!!!After Music Makers, we hit Colquitt Park for a picnic and some running around. Here are the kids on the rock wall.And Logan; monkeying around, as usual. After that we had some nap time, and I made a big 'ole pot of chili for our ward activity. We had dinner and trick or treating at church. We set up all of the classrooms as "houses" so that the kids could knock on doors and trick or treat. I thought it was really awesome to be able to have a nice, well-lit, car-free place to trick-or-treat. Logan got quite a haul! Everyone dressed up, which was also really fun!! We got a few pictures, although not as many as I'd have liked. The costumes were all so creative!
Here are the Cochrans, as a family of Superheroes. I think Hayley really was a superwoman, as she wore tights just 8 weeks after having her fourth baby, and looks great! You go, girl!
Here's Starla, also a hottie!
And here we are! Logan had soiled his shirt, so his costume is a little incomplete, but whatever. We all had a great time.
The stand-out costume of the evening we missed getting pictorial evidence of. Alas, since it was Skip Gerrard, sporting a very accurate-looking Nacho Libre costume, complete with bare chest. There are some brave souls in our ward!!

And of course, in true Jones family tradition, Logan breakfasted this morning on last night's candy. I didn't know Peeps required a fork...
We hope you had a wonderful Halloween, too!

Our little Jack-O-Lantern wishes you a "Happy Halloween!"

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