Friday, November 14, 2008

Steven crackers

Uncle Steven's visit this last weekend has left some amusing side effects! For one, Logan is still rolling all over the floor trying to do cartwheels, and he has named ritz cracker and PB sandwiches "Steven crackers". When we got back home after dropping Steves off at the airport, Logan found a package of the aforementioned crackers that Steves had left behind. Steven has diabetes, so he always has something to munch on, and PB crackers are a good balance of carbs and protein. Logan had seen him with them all weekend and as he tore into the package he ran around the house yelling "Steven crackers!" Well, since he enjoyed them so much, I got him some Ritz bits sandwich crackers at the store. It took a few takes, but here he is...

A new Deshazer tradition is born.


Varina said...

Holy crap I can't believe he can distinctly say "Steven crackers" now!

Oma Sarah said...

He repeats EVERYTHING he hears, and is equally capable of saying "holy crap" -- or anything ELSE he hears!