Sunday, July 27, 2008

What a Crazy week!

This has been such a busy week for the Deshazer clan!! As a result, we haven't seen nearly as much of each other as we'd like. I'm reminded of the council to minimize church activities... We did get in a reasonable FHE at least, but then Mitch and I had various commitments every night for the rest of this week. Whew! I'm glad it's over.
Logan has been settling in to his new room really well. You can see him here with his favorite things - puzzles and books. We all are actually really loving the change. The kids room is so big and comfy, we've found ourselves all gravitating there. It's been really awesome for family time.
Logan has also been getting better at sleeping through the night, which has been great, although he still needs Mommy and Daddy occasionally. He loves his Big Boy bed, and I love that he can get in and out by himself. At times it can be a little more exciting though, like the morning he woke up before I did and found the bathroom door open. I woke up to the sound of flushing - fortunately it was just paper, an entire roll of toilet paper. Parenting is so fun! He has also taken to following around the cat and copying her. It is so funny to see him sniffing at boxes and furniture! Perhaps we should spend more time with his human friends...
Mitch has just finished his rotation as upper level resident at the VA.. We'll be starting Oncology on Monday and are pretty excited about that. It is one of the specialties that he is interested in, so this month is pretty important. We'll see how it goes.
Of course, this month also is the month that we are expecting our new arrival! Myra is due on the 27th - exactly a month away. As I am getting closer (and bigger!!) I am reminded of all of the discomforts of pregnancy, and discovering new ones all the time. Last night was particularly difficult. I think that I managed to injure myself on Myra's little foot and spent all night with abdominal pain. Not fun. I'm doing better this morning, but will be assiduously avoiding any sudden moves in the future. I was uncomfortable enough that I didn't do any of the sewing I had planned for the day, but the week held several fun projects.
A sling for Eunice... An outfit for Myra... And curtains for the kids' room. These are still a work in progress, as I still have the stars to applique on the other two panels, but this is the general idea... So, busy fun for all. Here goes for another week!

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SamNJenny said...

About time I post back to ya ;) You guys are busy. You are awesome too. It is always scary when a toddler flushes a toilet without your 'supervision'. I'm glad you woke up to an empty roll with no major floor cleanup.