Friday, October 10, 2008


Claudia tagged me, and usually I dread these things, but Logan needs some blog love, since miss Myra seems to take so much of it.

Name & meaning: Shaun Logan - "God is gracious (Hebrew)" and "Small Hollow (Scottish)"
Age: Just turned 2

Nicknames: Logan, Loganski, Logan Slogan, the Little Prince, Boo

Favorite Activities: Running! Watching Elmo, Playgroup, playing with Anna, Nursery at church, cooking with Mommy, watching videos of himself
Favorite Foods: Fruit snacks, fishie crackers, bananas, cheese, milk, hot dogs and anything drenched in ketchup
Least Favorite Foods: Anything that Mom particularly wants him to eat.

Favorite Music: 5 Little Monkeys, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Wheels on the Bus - anything with hand motions!

Favorite Toys: The computer (ours or his), anything round that appears to be a ball, his wagon, his bike, anything that resembles a book
Favorite Book: Mr. Brown can Moo, can you? by the inestimable Dr. Suess

Favorite Item of Clothing: his Elmo shirt, and monkey jammies, Mommy and Daddy's shoes
What Makes Him Happy: Daddy!
What Makes Him Sad: Time out.

Additional things I love about Logan: He is such a happy little man and finds joy in so many things. He reminds me to be grateful for the little blessings in our lives (including him!!) He is also relatively easy to please - a nice trait in a 2 year old.


Claudia and Glenn Walker said...

hey I know what you mean. I don't like being tag eather but I thought this was a good one. it's always important to give some spotlight to our older kids. I love Logan he is such a cutie little pie. I didn't know he has 2 names and that his first name wasn't Logan. Good think that I tagged you:)

Varina said...

I read Mr. Brown can Moo to my kids last week -- hilarious! Unfortunately I really can't make all the sounds Mr. Brown can.

Bertie said...

He is just too cute! and his curly hair is just getting cuter and cuter!! You can NEVER chop it-- MY ORDERS:)

The Mommy said...

Now do Mitch.