Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Family Bed

I have had many occasions to be grateful that we chose to get a King sized bed when the time came for a new one. It was a bit of a splurge, but this morning when all four us us were comfortably snuggled together, I was again satisfied with the purchase. Myra has decided that she only sleeps in some one's arms or on her tummy. After 4 years of pediatric training and practice I am WAY too paranoid about SIDS to be able to let her sleep on her belly if I am not monitoring closely, so we're co-sleeping. I does make nursing simpler and she never cries and wakes up Mitch, since I wake up before she gets to the crying point. She just gives me a nuzzle and I wake up.
Anyway, as I was waking this morning, Logan decided to join us as well. I curled up with my sweet little princess and listened to the little prince reading off numbers on Mitch's alarm clock and was struck with what wonderful blessings my family has brought to me. I wanted to capture that moment, with all of us together, snuggled up. I know as my little ones grow up that these moments will be fewer and farther between and I am trying to appreciate them now as much as I can.
My little ones are such wonderful little spirits. I am so grateful for them and that our Father in Heaven has given Mitch and I the chance to be a part of their lives. Logan is so wild and wonderful! He has boundless energy and so much joy in life. It reminds me to have gratitude for the little blessings, like blue skies and open spaces to run. He is also so loving. It surprises me that despite being a self-centered two year old, he shares with others without any prompting from me. Even with his little sister...
Myra is so sweet. Of course, her little personality is still a little hard to make out, but she is already so much more intense than Logan ever was. She spends long periods of time examining and contemplating the world around her. She is also a very content baby. She seldom cries and when she does is easily consoled with a snuggle. She is such a little snuggler! I watched her little face this morning as she cuddled with me and smiled in her sleep.
Right now Mitch is playing guitar for Logan and so I am off to go sing "Five Little Monkeys" with my little monkey!

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