Sunday, October 26, 2008

Giggles and Dimples

Myra was so cute today, I just had to have a photo shoot... She was such a ham for the camera! Look at this grin!I also cannot resist little baby dimples, wherever they might appear. My favorite are the little knuckle dimples! Logan still has his, and I know I will be sad when he finally does grow out of them. Here are Myra's, and you can also see her cute little dimply knees! Oh, babies are so sweet! Here is the little dimple that she has when she smiles. I think it so cute that it only appears on one side.
And the crown jewel of our photo shoot today - a video of her sweet little laugh! Myra hasn't really been vocalizing long. She does coo and gurgle a little, but most of all she laughs - all the time. She is such a happy little lady.

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Varina said...

Oh, she's so cute!!
I accidentally made her a hat this weekend. It has pigtails!