Thursday, June 24, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me.

As of yesterday, I'm older.  I'm not sure that really bothers me, though.  At 33, I am firmly entrenched in my 30s, and since my 20s were not my favorite decade, so far this seems to be an improvement.  That said, having a weekday birthday and a hubby who works a lot means that celebratory opportunities were limited.  I really miss the childhood rule of "No chores on your birthday."  My birthday started with dishes and ended with cleaning up after the kids.  Although Mitch put them to bed.  Thanks, honey!

We did still do a bit of celebrating!
My "big" present was my big spa package, but Mitch surprised me with a coupon "book"" with fun things like "a sewing day" and "a night off of kid duty".  Awesome!  We went out to dinner and although Logan had a minor meltdown, he settled down and we had a pleasant time.
Then we came home and had cake!  It's supposed to be zebra stripes, but the HEB baker is apparently not all that artistic.  The idea is there...  And it has that HEB frosting that I LOVE.
And yes, black frosting IS an unbelievable mess...
Even on the kid who doesn't eat frosting.  Eeew.  Black tongue!

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Searls Stuff said...

Looks like your birthday was enjoyed by the entire family!