Friday, August 22, 2008

Settling in...

Well, it's almost been two weeks with Myra home, and we are all starting to get used to the idea. I admit that I was completely terrified at the thought of being a mom to 2 kiddos. Logan keeps me pretty busy all by himself, so I was already preparing for the nervous breakdown I should be having about now. So far, no breakdown, but I think that may be because Myra is the perfect baby. She is so easy going and laid back. Thank goodness, since her big brother is anything but!! Logan has been taking the whole baby thing with fairly good graces as well. He has been a little more temperamental lately, but nothing too crazy. Just an escalation in number of daily tantrums. I'm getting pretty good at ignoring them. He does seem to like his little sister. He calls her "Ra", pats her head and gives her kisses. He has a little trouble keeping his pats gentle, but I don't think he intentionally hurts her. I do have to keep a close eye on them together, as he keeps trying to feed her fish crackers and fruit snacks, which are not my idea of the ideal diet for my newborn. He also has taken it upon himself to test out all of her toys. I know, what a good big brother...

Here they are playing together in her gym.

Nursing is also going well. She is a natural, which is great. Here is her "feed me" face. She also has the cutest "smile", but I haven't caught it on camera.

But she also likes her thumb, which she has already found on her own.

Mitch has been back at work this week, which has been interesting. I really appreciated the time off that his fellow managed to get for him - we had him home with us the entire first week, which was awesome!! Now that I'm solo, it has been an interesting juggling act at times, but not as impossible as I feared. I am really grateful for all of the amazing mommies that I know and can look up to! I am getting back into the swing of things though, and even managed some sewing, and made a real dinner night before last. Thanks to the awesome ladies in the ward, we had really great meals the first week back. I am inspired to attempt some new culinary experiments. It is so cool to get a chance to see what comes out of kitchens other than mine. I get so bored with the same old thing that I make all the time, so it was really great to try some new things. Everything was so good!

Well, now that we are settling in to a daytime routine, I am hoping to see some nighttime sleep... Maybe that is just too much to ask. That said, as both my babies are currently asleep - I think I will follow their excellent examples. Night, all.

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