Sunday, August 3, 2008

Ready? or not...

I guess that Sundays have become the day to sit back and reflect on the week - and post here... I think that is an appropriate Sunday task. Logan is napping, so this is usually my time to sew, check email, clean, read, or do whatever else I want to do without him underfoot (and all over me), but on Sunday, I'm still not sure about sewing (I mean, strictly speaking it could be defined as work, but I really enjoy it, so... the jury is still out), and today the next step on my current project (a white button down shirt for Logan) is the sleeves, which are not my favorite thing to do. So, here I sit. I have of late been thinking a lot about how ready I am for Myra to come. As you can see, we are getting close. In the picture, she had just dropped, so I am looking a little smaller, but only because more of her is in my pelvis. Ouch.
On Wednesday we'll be 37 weeks, which is exciting, and a little terrifying. I don't think you can ever be TRULY ready for a new addition to the family, although since this is the second I am a little less anxious than last time about some things, but more about others since I know a little better what I'm getting myself into. I am really worried about finding the time/energy to balance two busy little ones without neglecting one in favor of the other. I guess a little of that is inevitable, since I only have 2 hands (and one lap). I think Logan is starting to get a little inkling of what is coming. He's been very clingly lately, and has started calling my belly "Myra" or "baby" and giving it kisses. His world is about to be pretty seriously altered though. He's a pretty easy-going kid, so I hope he can roll with this as well as he does the other challenges in his life. I'm a lucky mom.

We are pretty much physically ready for her. Mitch put the crib together yesterday. Isn't it beautiful!
Thank you, Jim and Jennie!!! Mitch was initially a little worried about putting it together, since there weren't any directions, but it went off just fine, and was actually easier to assemble than Logan's Ikea crib. All of the other stuff is all together as well. Her little clothes are all hung, folded and arranged. Her swing is assembled and my bag is even packed for the hospital, so at least that is one less thing to worry about.

And finally, the completely adorable picture of the week -
Anna came over to play on Monday and the kids were watching a farm animal video. Anna and Logan set up their chairs and Anna put her arm around Logan. They just sat there and watched the video together, just like that. Aren't they sweet?!?


Janene said...

That picture of Logan and Anna is adorable! It's so fun to see what kids come up with.

As for wondering about sharing your love and lap with another child...I think every mother/parent feels that and wonders. I know I did! I hope it goes well for you Katie!

Sarah Colley said...

Okay. Here's my take on the 'sewing could be wrong because it might be considered work' angst. (Heathen that I am . . .)
Remember when y'all were kids, and for several yers I baked the week's cookies on Sunday night? One day in RS I mentioned this to a ward member (in what context I don't recall) who was horrified! She boldly, and loudly announced that SHE would never do work on Sunday!! I had a momentary flash of guilt before considering the source -- this woman hated cooking. When her husband was deployed, her kids ate nothing but sandwiches off of paper plates so great was her reluctance to go into the kitchen. For her, baking cookies WAS work. For me, it was a pleasure. You and Varina would frequently join me, sometimes Daniel would, and we would talk and laugh. I enjoyed it very much, and considered it a pleasant task rather than loathsome work.
Remember: spirit of the law. If your pleasant activiy produces tangible results: win, win, win.