Sunday, August 31, 2008

Myra's blessing

Since the whole family was able to come for the weekend, we also took the opportunity to give Myra a name and a blessing. For those who are reading this who may not be LDS, this is analogous to the Christian christening ceremony. It is NOT an infant baptism, which we don't believe in. It is a blessing given to a baby by a man who holds the higher (Melchizedek) Priesthood - in our case, Mitch - and basically is an opportunity to give a blessing from God to a new baby and also to give the baby a name by which she is known in this earthly life, and in the records of the church. Unfortunately, Logan wasn't terribly cooperative during the blessing itself, so I missed all but the last few moments of it. Still, she was beautiful in the dress my mother made her. It was made out of scraps left over from my wedding dress. Here she is, on her own, and with family.The guys - My brother, Dan, my father, Mitch and my brother, JamesThe ladies - James's fiancee, Lindsay, my Mom, and meThe proud parents and our beautiful princess

Mitch's parents were able to be here as well, but had to head out to the airport before we took pictures. We were so glad that so much of our family was able to be here for this special time in the life of our precious girl.


DNAgallows said...

What a neat idea to use your dress...I've been wondering what to do with my dress, sew something! Your mom did a great job. She is beautiful. You look great too, mom!

Claudia and Glenn Walker said...

wow! you still a hot mamma! Great idea to use your wedding dress. Myra is a princess indeed!

Sarah Colley said...

NO, no, no. I did not use Katie's dress to make Myra's. her dress is still intact, and may be worn again, someday. I made Myra's dress from leftover (ie: unused) material after finishing Katie's dress.
There will be no cutting up of Katie wedding gown!!!!!

Also: thanks for saying this old grandma still looks good. sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen.