Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Zoo!

These last few weeks have been a little crazy here, so Saturday morning when Logan asked to go to the Zoo, we tossed aside out To Do lists and decided we needed a day off. And it was awesome!
We started with lunch at the Beastro. I promise they had fries to shovel the ketchup in their mouths. Fingers were just more convenient.
We climbed a brass rhino.
And patted some brass lions.
Then we saw a real tiger!! He came right up to the glass and made eyes at us!!
Apparently he was thirsty.
The kids were glued to the glass outside his habitat. It was so awesome to see him right up close!
The giraffes are always fun to see, too.
After checking out the animals, we hit the park.
Logan LOVES the snake slide. He'd spend all day here, if he could.
Myra held court on the back of a giant spider, while Duncan hung out underneath.
Then she hung out with some new friends inside an alligator egg.
After we rode the train, the kids played with the ball water sculpture.
Myra had fun making handprints.  After a morning of fun at the zoo, we were all ready to get back to our regular routine. It's so nice to just play hooky sometimes!


Sarahbelle said...


SO glad they like the zoo!! Mayhaps we can come sometime when the weather is amenable to going with.

That kitty is cute.

Sabayon said...

OMG, Myra's face in front of the Giraffe cage is the cutest thing ever!