Thursday, April 5, 2012


One of the kids new favorite videos is all about spelling and sounding out words. I'm thrilled that they like an educational video, but I had no idea it would do such an effective job actually teaching them something.
Her handwriting is a work in process, but Myra wrote "Pop" without any assistance at all. It is one of the words they spell frequently on the video, so she's seen it a few times.
Logan, not to be outdone, spelled "Dad" and then demonstrated his understanding of the word by insisting that Daddy some down and see that he "drew him". Dad is also a word they spell on the movie (which is all about filling out an application form for the Best Dad of the Year Award), but Logan did sound out each letter as he wrote it.
Then he surprised me by sounding out and writing "Mom" all by himself! (The last "M" is a little small - he says it is a lower case m.) In the movie, they never spell Mom at all, and don't really talk about sounding out and spelling other words. I was pretty impressed with my little guy. Words are hard for him.

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Sarahbelle said...

The world's not ready -- you had better keep them close to your heart for a while.