Friday, March 30, 2012


Since we've been here in Utah, I've missed a lot of things about Texas. Don't get me wrong - I like Salt Lake! The people are friendly; the mountains are amazing; we actually have seasons - but Texas, well it's just Texas! And I miss it. Especially I miss the Bluebonnets.
All winter I would look forward to the appearance of these sweet blue blossoms. It meant Spring was here; Easter was coming; we could wear shorts again! This year, the inevitable Bluebonnet pictures started to appear on all my Texas friends' Facebook walls. Oh, my heart broke! It was still snowing here! Everything looked dead, and I couldn't even imagine Spring. I was so homesick.
And then these appeared. In. My. Yard! Tulips!! My favorite flower in the whole world - growing wild at the side of my house!!
Everything is blooming! Even the bushes! Everywhere you look is a riot of color - daffodils and hyacinth growing on the side of the road - it's amazing!!
Myra loves them all. She brought me this one. Isn't it lovely, with those deep red and cream petals and the bright yellow heart?

Side note: I know this poor blog has been sadly neglected. Is anyone still reading this? Life has been a little on the crazy side lately, but I think we're working toward a new routine. I'll try to keep you posted.


Sarahbelle said...

What beautiful blooms!!! Are they really tulips?? I've never seen tulips open completely before.
Really stunning!!

Claudia and Glenn Walker said...

I often feel the same than you ...I get very Utah sick. The weather, the smell..pretty much everything. Weird uhu? Forgot to mention. Guess who is doing fellow at the hospital not us. The Hobbs :D lucky Utah!!! Stole all my "texans" favorite friends :(