Thursday, December 15, 2011

Duncan is 1!!

I cannot believe how quickly this year has flown by, but it has and my wee mannie is one year old.
He was so small...
But he's gotten so big and learned to do so many things!!
Like his brother before him, he is a very physical child. He climbed before he learned to crawl. He is saying a few words - Mama, Dada and No being the most often used although we occasionally hear yeah and fishie. He loves to eat and insists on drinking from a sippy cup - forget the bottle!
His favorite sippy cups have straws, so we got him a couple for his birthday. Logan thought he would like this pink one, and he does!
He loves books, particularly interactive ones with flaps to turn or buttons to push.
He also is enamored of anything with wheels, particularly tractors and trains. If it has wheels and buttons to push, well that is just a bonus!
He's a very musical fellow and his favorite "toy" is the piano downstairs.
He has decidedly un-toddlerlike taste in movies. His all time favorite is Despicable Me, but he also really enjoys The Incredibles and Toy Story. He won't watch "baby" movies like Baby Einstein or Elmo. He despises Hello Kitty and cries whenever Myra asks to watch it. We're on the same wavelength with that one...
For his birthday, I made Minion cupcakes, which were a hit with all the kids (and the adults, too if we're being forthright).
They were yummy.


Emily said...

awww, I remember the night he was born (funny that I can actually say that). He looks totally like a Deshazer and seems to fit in perfectly. Happy Birthday Duncan

Kris C. said...

I LOVE the Minion cupcakes! Cool idea!

Rose said...

What a cutie! Those are nice pictures.